Sunday, August 17, 2008

Working With Family Is Fun To Do Fun To Do To Do To Do

After moving in to our new home we have had quite the opportunity to be outside in the heat working together as a family. We have spent weeks working hours a day to rid this yard of weeds, greening up the lawn and keeping it mowed and removing unwanted cactus and very poky plants that will not work with kids in the yard. I thought it was going to absolutely miserable and we would have to drag our kids out to help. This has not been the case at all. We have had some great "Ensign Moments" working together. Mark and Bradley and even Eleanor have said several times, "I love working together, This is fun, Look at our progress, It looks so much better, This feels good, It's fun to tell stories and work at the same time." It has been amazing to work side by side and have them just talk and talk and talk. It is stunning and has made this task bearable. It does feel really good to all be out there together accomplishing a task that beautifies our home and teaches us all to work. I have not been so hot in I don't know how long or sweat so much but I don't mind at all. Amazing!!!


Em said...

It's the best feeling to see your kids cooperating, isn't it? It doesn't happen all the time around here, but when it does I'm very happy! Maybe I should try a garden sometime to encourage family work!

uniquelynat said...

what a great experience! it sounds like you are getting things in order. what a freat feeling to see it all coming together. i just hope that my children can work as well together some day....they are only 2 & 5 and already fight! *sigh*

Lori said...

Hey there! I found your blog! (I wanted to check it out while the name was fresh in my mind :) It is so fun to read and find out more about you and your cute family. We are excited to have you in the ward, and I really enjoy running with you! Wow, those pictures of your yard are amazing! It's huge! I can't believe all that work you guys are doing to it! I can't wait to see the stuff you do to your house. Try not to stress too much, I'm sure it will turn out incredible!!!!!

Trooper Monica said...

Do you have Mindy's e-mail address? Tell her to e-mail me at Thanks!

Monica (Hoopes)Olson