Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vacuum Obsession

My little Darren loves the vaccuum. He follows it everywhere, constantly plays with the attachments, loves to sit by the plug while you are vacuuming and unplug it, and loves to hold on to it as I vacuum. Mark happened to leave it running and unattended the other day and Darren siezed the moment. He ran to it as fast as he could and then proceeded to vacuum the same spot for about six minutes while I snapped pictures. He was in heaven. He would concentrate really hard and then turn and smile and laugh at me. We were all busily doing our morning lists but this brought everyone running and we all just sat and watched and laughed. Babies are the best. I wish I could be as thrilled with running this machine. Thank goodness my kids are old enough that they do most of the vacuuming these days.
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jhoopes said...

That is the cutest thing ever!! But even better than that, it made me wonder if Jake could do the vacuuming around here...probably!! Thanks! :)

Jessica said...

He seems to be concentrating very hard in some of the pictures- Oh I just wanna squeeze him!!

Oh my goodness Amy, the bread looks SO-O good. I want you to know that I am not showing Aric that post. My bread ALWAYS comes out with a HUGE whole in it. I think Aric is considering taking over the bread making responsibilities.

uniquelynat said...

those pics are soo cute! the vacuuming isn't what bothers me it's that people mess up all my nice lines right after i finsih. it makes me feel like i have to do it all over again. (but i don't)

Whetton Family said...

ok, when I first looked at the pics before I read I thought that was Luke. How cute is he!

That bread looks so great!

khepworth said...

Kanani (Hepworth) here!

Just doing a little blog surfing and came across your blog. Your family has grown since we last saw you. Your family pic. is great BTW. Looks like you guys are doing awesome and have finally settled after all that schooling. That's got to be the best feeling EVER!!! Congrats.

Your bread looks divine! ARe you sharing the recipe?

Jenifer said...

Training them young, eh? Very cute. Glad I found your blog, last night was so much fun!

Kara said...

Amy...another family member found. Well I count you anyway. We missed the last fam shindig, but keep thinking we'll see Alan at the office. Tyler keeps getting Rollins. One day... Hope to see you soon...and tell Angela to add me to her private status!!

Tiffany said...

Okay Amy, your blog is totally cute... and I really want to get your bread recipe!! I'd love to come over and get a little lesson from you. I'm going to send you an invite to my blog right after I post this comment!! See you (early!) tomorrow morning!! Ü

Bobbi Jo said...

This is Aunt Bobbi Jo (Alan's wife). So excited to find family members blogs even if they don't want me too. he he Your blog is so fun and I love all the great pictures.
I would love your bread recipe if you don't mind sharing. Email me if you want or come visit my blog or my email
Hugs, Bobbi Jo