Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ode to the Perry's (especially Aunt Carri)

For quite some time now my Luke has asked me everyday if he can go play at the Perry's (cousins) or sleep over. He absolutely loves being at their house and he loves Uncle Joe and Aunt Carri. He tells me everyday that he is going to marry his three year old cousin Allison and it doesn't matter if she is her cousin because he loves her and he is going to marry her. He gets upset when I tell him he cannot kiss her anymore and he cannot be with her everyday. Today he announced that he is going to go live with the Perrys forever until he dies to death. He also said that Alan and I can just get a new family and they will be Perry's now. I don't know if I should be really insulted or just really happy that he has such great relatives. Carri has to tell Luke all the time that he can't spend the night every night and that their house is really boring and all they do is work so he doesn't throw a fit everytime we leave their house. Aunt Carri is especially the favorite. She believes that Aunts and Uncles should only spoil their neices and nephews and she certainly does. She gives them anything and plays with them so cute. They all love her to death. They also have an amazingly fun house. They live on an acre on a street with five other families. The yards are almost all connected and the kids just run from house to house. The Perry's have a great merry-go-round, a huge swing set that you could almost swing so high that you do 360's around it, and a terribly dangerous teeter totter that spins in a circle and goes up and down. Six adults can easily fit on it and do often. They have had concussions and broken arms and multiple people that have had the wind knocked out of them on it. It is crazy but tons of fun. The Perry's know how to have fun and their house is a party most of the time. Luke is not the only one in my family that is in love with the Perry's. Darren knows all of their names and talks about them constantly. Uncle Joe was the first non family name that Darren could say. Mark announced on Sunday that "everybody loves the Perry's and it is a good thing that we have a pool so people will love our house too."

We all love the Perry's and are so glad they are a forever family and are related to us. Thanks for being such great friends but could you knock it off a little so my kids will want to live with me?
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