Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things I love about being home

I dreamed so long about moving back to Arizona and how great it was going to be. It has been so much fun having all of it come true and so much more. Here is a list of some of the great things about being done with school, living in Arizona and in our own home.
-Having a steady and dependable income
-No more visits to the DES office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Alan is relaxed and happy as can be
-Our own home that we can paint, change carpet or even knock down a wall if we wish
-Family, family, family they are everywhere and wonderful
-A ward that seems to be made for me
*a running group that meets at 5:15am and will run a 1/2 marathon together
*an amazing babysitting co-op (one of the best ideas I have ever heard)
*a fun book group
*lots of families with 4-6 kids in our same stage
*a fabulous cub scout program
*very very friendly and welcoming
*I already feel like I have been here for a year not 2 months
*I get to work in the nursery (I actually love this calling and Darren gets to start early)
-Grandma sleep overs and outings with just the grandkids and grandma
-Paying back not accumulating more student loans
-I can buy little things here and there without any feelings of guilt
-Arizona sunsets
-Warm swimming pools
-Meeting up with old friends in random places
-Cousin play dates
-Having Alan home on Fridays is the best!!!!!!!!!
-Trips to the cabin, hiking, and camping in the desert with the Rangers
-Being able to pay for a date and a babysitter
-Feeling settled. I can finally make new friends without reservation of having to leave them in a couple of years.
-My children can grow up in the same schools with the same friends.

and on and on and on....................

Being done with school is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stress is still there and always will be but it is well cushioned by so much support and love from all our family and friends and security in Alan's job.


Jessica said...

I. Am. Jealous.
(but I'm happy for you guys! :) )

jhoopes said...

That doesn't sound much different than your Walnut Creek life. :) ha ha Your family picture is BEAUTIFUL!! You guys have really growed up!

Em said...

Congrats! You did your time and now you get to reap the rewards! We still need to play sometime.

Heather said...

Thanks for popping in on my blog. I am so happy to hear that you are happily settled into AZ life and just 5 kids later! You look amazing, by the way. Glad to hear that you are in a good running group. Running has saved my sanity. Let me know how your 1/2 marathon turns out! I'll keep checking in!

Carolina said...

RUB IT IN! No I am happy for you guys and it is nice to know that it is what you had hoped for! I LOVE the fam picture.

MJ/Mom/GrammaJ said...

I am so happy for you. The picture is gorgeous! You have died and gone to heaven, that is for sure.Love you and miss you.

Mindy said...

Love your family pic. Gorgeous! Tell me more about this babysitting co-op thing. Sounds neat.