Friday, February 6, 2009

Our Darren

Darren is at the most adorable age right now. We have been potty training him for the past two weeks. I thought it would be a nightmare with tons of accidents and lots of washing out underwear. He is only 22 months old so you have to expect it to take several weeks to really take but Darren is doing beautifully. He says in his very cute voice "bafroom, Mom" and then runs in and is ready to do his thing. It is all very exciting. I think he has got it already. We have gone three days with no accidents. He got a new toddler bed yesterday. I figured he needed to be able get out of bed to go to the bathroom at night by himself. I can’t believe he is getting so big. AMAZING!
His language is exploding lately. He has even started simple sentences like "where mom go?" and "mom, milk please" and "mom, look gain gain(train)". He is in love with Thomas the train. He carries around a Thomas computer game that we have and shows everyone the train pictures. He is very good about saying please and "Kank you Mom." It is nice to have at least one polite child for the time being. He is still whispering but not as often as he used to. Anytime he really wants something he just whispers "mom, mom, mom" until I notice and then he asks for it. It is my absolute favorite. It is sweet and polite and so darn cute. When Alan comes home he just stays where he is and whispers, "Dad home, dad home." I will be so sad when he stops doing this all together. I have tried to get it on video but he is not good about performing on command. He only whispers when he feels like it and will not repeat. It is usually when everyone else is being loud. He has learned that it melts my heart every time and I will give him just about anything if he whispers. He loves to say people's name and does a pretty good job. He tackled Eleanor quite early. He calls her Nenenore. He says Ukey for Luke and can say Mark very wll. He does not however ever call Bradley by name. I don't know why but he just calls him Mark too.
Darren is very curious and climbs everywhere and gets into everything. He empties cupboards and opens everything to check it out. He, of course loves the kitchen still and rifles through the drawers and cupboards on a daily basis. I keep all of the plastic kid dishes in a low cupboard that they can all reach so he gets those out and sets the table with all of them. He loves to explore any cupboard. I find my makeup with finger marks in it and spread all over my bathroom. He loves to rummage through the pantry as well. Food is his main motivator. It is his constant pursuit. He loves to eat and snack all day long.
Darren is my buddy. He wants to be where I am and he loves to snuggle. There just isn't much not to adore about my sweet baby. His adorable eyes and smile sure don't hurt either.


jhoopes said...

I am in love with him, too!! :) What a sweet post about your baby--is that true? He's the youngest?! WOW! Where does the time go? Thanks for sharing. Enjoy!!

Braelyn said...

I love that boy. This is such a great age. They are so curious and get into everything, but they are so darn cute that it doesn't even matter. I'm so glad you posted! It's nice to be able to check someone's blog a thousand times a day, and they'll never think you're annoying. Much better than your number showing up on caller ID a hundred times a day.

MJ/Mom/GrammaJ said...

Hey! You are talking about my Luke~! Yup, they are a lot alike. I remember Luke calling you Mom and his love of munching at pres. mtg. Darren is the most darling boy. I have never met anyone that could potty train so early. And especially boys. Way to go kid!

Don and Amy Bennion said...

You are so amazing at potty training your kids so young. I don't have the guts to try it! That picture of Darren holidng on to the railing it so cute--he looks like Luke too! That is so cute about his whispering. I hope you catch it on video sometime.
Can't wait to see you in a couple of months!

Leese said...

He was just born! How did he get so big! He's adorable...and using the potty too - congrat's on that one!