Friday, January 23, 2009

Good bye old friend

We had to say good bye to one of my dearest friends this last fall. I was devastated to lose her but we had had five rich and very full years together. We spent countless hours together and with the exception of the carpet and occasional brake problem she was very very good to me. We logged almost 100,000 miles together and saw quite a bit of the country doing it. She endured way too much throwing up on her and urine and food but never complained. Her doors were my absolute favorite feature. My children never slammed them into another car, I could easily climb in and out of them and they opened with such ease. This was all until her computer module decided to go out. It would have cost almost as much to fix it as she was worth. We had filled her to capacity but know we are not done having children so we couldn't replace her wiht an exact replica. How could I ever be happy with anything else?


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jhoopes said...

Goodbye, van. We remember the first time we met. Sorry to hear of your loss, Amy. But it looks like you guys are recovering quite well! :)

drdsdds said...

I remember when that beauty was brand new! Oh the memories.