Monday, July 7, 2008

Pictures of the outside

The home is on 2/3rds of an acre and it is well used. We have a huge grassy area, sand area, sport court, rv parking area, and the pool area.
Believe it or not it is no longer green like that. It only took two weeks, a new filter, gallons and gallons of chemicals and 16 -40lb bags of salt.

This is the side yard.
The waterfall and slide to the pool.


Brown Family said...

What a great home! Although it is a lot of work, I like that you can decorate the way you want. And I love the pool! Send pics without the green water.

Laurel Eldredge said...

Wow! It looks beautiful! Congratulations. You guys have worked hard for it. I can't believe how big the kids are!

Carolina said...

Holy shnikeys!!!! wow! just wow! I know where we are going when we go to Arizona! --chris